Sun & Star Sports Co.

Sun & Sstar Sport offers over 20 diverse sports brands seen through over 10 stores the Iran. Within a span of 1 decades, it has become the region’s most popular multi-brand sports retailer. Catering to various types of fitness personalities, Sun & Star Sport carries an array of sportswear, accessories and equipment.

As the retailer and wholesaler, Sun & StarSport covers the sports and fitness essentials of  Iran,United Arab Emirates.

Since 2001, Sun & Star Sport has been committed to ensuring that their customers have access to some of the best sporting brands in the world. Supported by exclusive retail and distributorship rights across the region for over 20international sporting brands, including world famous names such as Qiksilver,ROXY,DCshoes, Plea, New Balance,Reebok,puma , Lotto, Rip Curl, Globe,Under Armor and ccilu…..

Sun & Star Sport is scheduled to open more stores in the near future, and it is safe to say that Sun & Star Sport will not only reach that commitment but exceed it too.